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Golden Drive Engineering, GDE Services,  Kgeta Optimum Solutions and Proof Mining Services have decided to amalgamate in the construction of a better tomorrow. With specific focus on skills development and quality production. Each company operates on an approved quality assurance system governed by ISO guidelines. They believe that their success lies in organizational efficiency, effectiveness and experience.

Golden Drive Engineering and Kgeta Optimum Solutions deliver precision CNC Milling and Turning on components at competitive prices.


GDE Services and Proof Mining Services are a leading manufacturers of couplers and plugs for high voltage implements, primarily serving the mining industry.


     PRODUCTS AND Services     


CNC machining

& milling

Each company has the expertise and is well-positioned to handle various components across different sizes and complexity levels.


Plastic products

& materials

They also specialize in plastic machining and custom fabrication, using advanced CNC & Turning capabilities.



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Contact Us
Physical Address

33 Golden Drive, Morehill, Benoni 1511

35 Golden Drive, Morehill, Benoni 1511

(Pioneer Place, Unit 5 and 6)

Telephone numbers

+27 11 425 4361

+27 11 849 3081

+27 83 271 8086

Email address
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